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Take your online identity to its full potential with attractive user and SEO friendly Front-End development, based on responsiveness (RWD), mobile first principles and fluid grids

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Effective development of design ideas, visual solutions and graphic products, done with high professional standards

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Showcase of the responsive website, a Danish watches webshop

FE web-dev

Danish watches webshop with over 4000 products that launched in 2016. Where I've functioning as their freelance graphic designer and developer since the project's concept started in early 2016.

I took a variety of tasks including development of the brand identity, graphic design proposals for the internationalization of the webshop. Social media: Facebook and Instagram. Web-banners and advertisement design. Customized MailChimp newsletters. CMS e-commerce platform is with Shopify.

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Showcase of the responsive web-banners implemented by Front End developer Diego Vega

Yellow Advertising

Frontend dev

Animation of HTML5 web-banners ads with customized sizes for desktop and mobile devices. Sets with a variety of size formats implemented with Adobe Edge Animate and HTML5 Studio for Yellow Advertising. Clients include DSB and Guldskoven.

Animation of web-banner ads include 3D motion, expandable, containing video and jQuery implementations. The web-banner sizes are targeted specifically for Google Adwords and AdSense campaigns.

Showcase of the responsive website for bc-sportsklinik in Slagelse design by front-end webdeveloper Diego Vega

Frontend dev

Webdesign and front-end web development for the website of a masseur located in Slagelse. The aim was to make a modern website with the possibility for clients to book a session.

The site is fully responsive, optimized for small screen devices and is grounded on the Bootstrap 3 framework, together with html5 Boilerplate. Further implementation of SEO and social media.

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Showcase of the responsive website of restaurant Asador in Copenhagen design by front-end webdeveloper Diego Vega

asador web

Frontend dev

Webdesign, photography and front-end web development for the website of Argentine Restaurant and Steakhouse Asador in Copenhagen.

The site is fully responsive, optimized for small screen devices and is grounded on the Bootstrap 3 framework, together with html5 Boilerplate. Further implementation of SEO and social media.

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Showcase of the responsive website of Lolita Côtiée design by front-end webdeveloper Diego Vega

Frontend dev

Webdesign, front-end web development and webshop for the website of Lolita Côtiée, an exclusive swimwear and fashion beachwear bikini collection.

The website is implemented with a webshop, based in the Prestashop e-commerce platform together with a Bootstrap framework.

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Showcase of the responsive website for, a website and webshop of handcrafted bags made in Copenhagen, design by front-end webdeveloper Diego Vega

FE web-dev

Webdesign, front-end web development and webshop for the website of verusverus, wool felt and leather bags designed and handcrafted in Copenhagen.

The website is implemented with a webshop, based in the bigcartel e-commerce platform together with a Bootstrap and html5 boilerplate framework.

Others tasks included product photography and text writing. So-me copy writing and strategies for Facebook and Instagram.

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Design of Photographer Dante Busquets website

Frontend dev

Redesign and front-end development for the website of a fine art and portrait photographer from Berlin. The goal is to achieve a modern, simple revamp of Dante's original site, where the photographs stand out and the site navigation is friendly to the user. I suggested to Dante the importance of making the site responsive and fluid, ready for high-definition screens of all sizes. He also wanted an easy to manage blog.

The development is based in HTML5 Boilerplate with a Bootstrap framework, thus formatting Dante's photos for a web-showcase was of major importance. The site is under construction at the moment.

Old website

Wisdom Council


Design and front-end proposal for a responsive website for a personal coach, who just started her business. The concept is to produce a final result, which is clean, simple and totally responsive. The graphic design plays with two different concepts: Scandinavian minimalism and American Indian shamanism. Attempting to create a unique identity.

This project is under development

Wendell Tax & Legal


Design and front-end proposal for a Law firm based in Mexico City. By working together with the ideas and needs of the lawyer's behind this growing Law Firm, the aim is to find a suitable graphic solution, which signals professionalism, competence and diversity. Furthermore the website must be welcoming, easy to use and has to reflect modernity.

They client needs a flexible CMS, with a clear message that highlights their expertise and the lawyers, and the site must be responsive.

This project is under development

webesign, logo, branding and website for champion hand-cyclist Anders Themsen

Anders Themsen


Design, logo, branding and coding a website for champion hand-cyclist Anders Themsen. Anders wanted to setup a site to attract sponsors. The project, which won a school competition for the best design and logo in 2011, was online for 2 years at

Logo design of Opleve magazine by Diego Vega


Cross Media Design

Cross Media design project for a magazine targeted to young travelers of the Danish train system (DSB).

Identity and graphic design proposal for a new monthly magazine and website. The task was to find a name for the magazine, create a logo and a design proposal both for the print and online.

My concept was to focus on young Copenhageners life-style and culture. The idea behind ​the name Opleve (Experience) is that it should give a sense of activity and that one has to be there with their own senses to experience something.

The logo is a paraphrase of Robert Indiana's LOVE works, thus giving the idea of something you already are familiar with. The logo stays fresh from issue to issue as it changes color every time the magazine is released. The idea behind the design aims to be airy, simple and uncluttered, with content that is relevant and inspiring to young readers.

Logo design for Bottega del Gusto by graphic designer Diego Vega

Bottega del Gusto

Logo design

Logo design for Bottega del Gusto, an Italian wine bar and restaurant that specializes in homemade pastas and Italian wine. The place was previously known as Bottega della Pasta located in Copenhagen's Torvehallerne. And soon is opening in Copenhagen Nørrebro.

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Logo and identity design of Øko Kød, Organic meat by Diego Vega

Eco Meat

Identity Design

Design assignment and evaluation. My project was to design a packaging and label for an ecological meat product. Create the name of the company and design an identity to brand the product locally, at speciality stores and supermarkets (retail).

I presented a dummy of the packing and label, together with design guidelines for ØKO KØD, a company which produces eco-friendly meat products with the highest environmental standards.

There are two points I want to target with my idea. First, consumers lack information about the meat we buy and eat, and second, the packaging, in which mechanized systems and plastic or styrofoam trays send the wrong signal to people who think about ecology and the environment.

n Denmark we eat way too much meat, and there are many problems in relation to the industrial production of meat products. At the same time, consumers habits and food culture are changing towards awareness. Therefore, I think it is important for stores to signal a healthier lifestyle. It'll be ideal for customers to know where their meat comes from, how were the animals condition during their upbringing, what date the animal was slaughtered and perhaps with what method. All these info can come forward with a track-n-trace QR code, not as a service from the producer but as a requirement from the government Food Administration.

The packaging has to be produced of sustainable materials, which gives a good opportunity for retailers to show that they have a good food handling, that only offers its customers the freshest of the freshest of animals which had a healthy life. I would like to present an innovative packaging which is made from sugar cane fiber (bagasse), which is a great alternative to plastic and styrofoam in packaging application. Bagasse is cheap to produce and can be certified as compostable 100pct. Bagasse food packaging degrades 1-3 months in a commercial composting plants and 2-4 months in a home composting environment.

Poster design of for a campaign for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for their work in Africa


Poster Design

Poster competition entry for a campaign for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for their work in Africa.

I wanted to work with typography, aiming for a signal that gives a sense of acute crisis just using color and text. MSF provided the text and some basics requirements the poster should contain.

I drew inspiration from Russian constructivist period. From the first idea and sketches, my design evolved a lot along the way until I was satisfied with the finished version. This work done in Illustrator, was a very rewarding process. I was focused on getting something that could be used, that for me it was very exciting to do something for a good cause.

Copenhagen Film Fund

Logo Design

Logo entry for a competition organized by the newly founded Copenhagen Film Fund, a collaboration between the public and private sectors to invest in both Danish and International film productions.

The logo was designed by playing with the fund's name and colors, especially yellow and purple to provide contrast. The text is set in Gill Sans and Helvetica Neu.

My idea sprang from the inspiration of collaboration and communication. There are many factors that come together for a film to become a reality. I see Copenhagen Film Fund as a foundation and possibility for a film to be completed. Therefore I thought that a block could serve as a metaphor for something solid to build on. And because a film is always team work, the letters are very close to each other, overlapping and supporting each other.

Video still of Free-hand machine silk embroidery with Veronica Sanchez

Free-hand machine silk embroidery


I shot and edited this video about the design process for a dress showing traditional embroidery techniques and free-motion machine embroidery, inspired by a men's silk waistcoat from ca. 1780. The waistcoat is part of the collection of Designmuseum Danmark and the video is showing with the new permanent exhibition Fashion & Fabric (#fashionfabric). The video is made by Veronica Sanchez, as part of her bachelor's degree project, which is a collaboration with the textile design school in Denmark Håndarbejdets Fremme, UCC and the Danish Design Museum. Music: Babe by Evenings.

See it on Vimeo

>Video and editing of young students pitching their projects for Project Pioneers

Project pioneers


Video shooting and editing of young students pitching their projects to get funding by the government. The Project Pioneers, which is a one-year course for young project managers. Is an education that gives the tools for young people for creating culture with local and social value. It is a course where young people learn to design, plan and execute projects with other young people. Check a couple of the pitches here in HD, else watch the whole series in lower resolution at Projektpionerne Youtube's channel.

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Panorama Copenhagen by Night Night photo of the bike bridge and the luxurious silo apartments connecting Vesterbro and Islands Brygge

Panorama Cityscape


Night photo of the bike bridge and the luxurious silo apartments connecting Vesterbro and Islands Brygge. Composite of six images to a panoramic view with a natural color cast. Testing a carefully calibrated workflow with ISO and ECI standards, this shot is taken in bracketing, long expositions to attain the highest dynamic range (HDR) in Raw format. Poster size is 150x30cm.

Newspaper production

The Copenhagen Post


The Copenhagen Post is a small weekly newspaper, that since '98 has been Denmark's English-language newspaper with Danish news. The Cph Post also can be found online with a news service that is updated daily.

I was layout and DTP responsible for The Copenhagen Post from 2005 to 2007, where I primarily layouted the newspaper. The work was performed with QuarkXPress and Adobe CS software.

Other tasks included: formatting of materials, image processing. Preparing and send the newspaper for offset printing and uploading a PDF version for the web. I also took care of updating the website, the archival of materials, and sometimes photographing and ad design and production.

The job of Layouter is a very central part of the graphic production and workflow, where one has a close communication with editors, journalists, the sales department and the printing company.

Cph Post Website

Portrait of Diego Vega with Leica camera

I'm Diego

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The thing I enjoy most about my profession is the process of bringing ideas to life. Therefore, I believe that my highest value is the power to generate relevant ideas, that will become simple and effective visual solutions.


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