• Frontend web design (UI)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design

Freelance Services

Web Development

Grow your business to its full potential with custom, attractive and modern front-end web development, designed with an user-centric approach and mobile-first principles

UI / UX Design

Cutting edge user-friendly digital design based on user tests and insights, that turn users into customers with clean graphical user interfaces (UI) that deliver a satisfying user experience (UX)

Digital Advertising

Expertise in development of HTML5 Standard Display & Rich-media banner ads (DoubleClick, AdForm, Google Ads). SoMe Ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Interactive Landing pages

Motion Graphics

Production of animated ads for digital outdoor screens campaigns, displayed in Rail, Metro & Malls (AFA JCDecaux). Bring your story to life with engaging motion graphics videos



Danske Spil reel by Diego Vega

Lotto Jul

Retail Video

A key video advertisement created for retail screens, featured in 7-Eleven, Circle-K, and major supermarkets during the successful Christmas campaign of 2023. The video effectively captured the holiday spirit and engaged customers, contributing to the success of the campaign.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • - Motion graphics concept development
  • - Adapted the video to various screen sizes
  • - Formatted for digital display channels

Skills and Tools:

  • - Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects)
  • - Branding and Marketing
Danske Spil Lotto Product change

Lotto Product Change

Video Explainer

In 2023, Lotto implemented major changes to its core product, including price adjustments and updated minimum winning chances. To effectively communicate and educate the retail sector about these changes, a comprehensive video explainer was distributed to all dealers nationwide.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • - Video maker & Storytelling
  • - Video and sound editing
  • - Creation of motion graphics

Skills and Tools:

  • - Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • - Sound Editing (Adobe Audition)
  • - Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects)
  • - Storyboarding
Danske Spil reel by Diego Vega

Video Presentation

Danske Spil Lotteri

A dynamic video presentation showcasing the successful 2023 campaigns for Danske Spil’s lotteries, including Eurojackpot, Quick, Lotto, and Klasselotteriet.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • - Concept development and storyboard design
  • - Video and sound editing
  • - Creation of motion graphics
  • - Ensuring brand consistency

Skills and Tools:

  • - Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • - Sound Editing (Adobe Audition)
  • - Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects)
  • - Storyboarding
  • - Branding and Marketing
Yellow Advertising showcase by Front-end developer Diego Vega

Yellow Advertising

Frontend Developer

Digital advertising // Frontend web development // HTML5 web banners ads

Digital producer and front-end web development of HTML5 Standard Display & Rich-media banner ads for all devices, publishers and markets, integrated into all major ad platforms (DoubleClick, AdForm, Google Ads). SoMe Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc).

Animated video ads for digital outdoor screens campaigns, displayed in Rail, Metro & Malls (AFA JCDecaux, Out of Home Media, Train TV). Interactive Landing pages.

Production and execution of marketing campaigns material on digital media for Yellow’s major clients, such as TDC, Carlsberg, DSB, NetDesign, Steen & Strøm, Relatel, and more. website implementation (WordPress)

Showcase of the responsive website of video production company RossenFilm @


Branding / Website

Branding // Website // Social Media // SEO // E-mail signature

RossenFilm is a video production company which specialises in producing learning and educational videos for educational institutions, ministries, municipalities, trade unions, and other large national institutions.

RossenFilm's main product is the production of videos about pedagogy, didactics, professional documentation, management, research projects, children, education and more.

The mobile friendly website is built with Bootstrap 3 based on users' experience surveys (UX). Modern fluid layout with CSS Flexbox. jQuery Cube Portfolio. Google Maps and analytics.

Showcase of the responsive website for bc-sportsklinik in Slagelse design by front-end webdeveloper Diego Vega


Branding / Website

Branding // Website // SEO // E-mail signature

Webdesign and front-end web development for the website of a masseur located in Slagelse. The aim was to make a modern website with the possibility for clients to book a session.

The site is fully responsive, optimized for small screen devices and is grounded on the Bootstrap 3 framework, together with html5 Boilerplate. Further implementation of SEO and social media.

Check it out

Showcase of the responsive website, a Danish watches webshop


E-commerce / Shopify

Branding / Webdesign / E-commerce / Shopify / Social Media / SEO

Watches webshop with over 4000 products that launched in 2016. My role was as front-end developer since the project's concept, where I took a variety of tasks including development of the brand identity, graphic design proposals for the internationalization of the webshop, Shopify ecommerce customisations, and more.

I was also in charge of Social media: Facebook and Instagram. Web-banners and advertisement design. Customized MailChimp newsletters. CMS e-commerce platform is with Shopify.

Showcase of the responsive website of video production company RossenFilm @

Søernes Møbelpolstrer

Branding / Website

Branding // Website // CMS: Grav // Presentation Cards // T-shirts

Søernes Møbelpolstrer is an upholstery workshop and showroom located at the side of the lakes in central Copenhagen.

In order to modernize their brand image, their logo was redesigned with an scandinavian minimalistic style and the website was designed in the same clean and modern style, developed based in the ultra-modern open source flat-file CMS Grav.

Showcase of the responsive website for Zen Homeopath Keiko Azagemi at design by front-end web developer Diego Vega

Zen Homeopath

Branding / Website

Branding // Website // SEO // Photography

Website for Zen Homeopath Keiko Azagemi, who is a JPHMA certified japanese homeopath in Copenhagen specialising in treatments for a wide range of common modern ailments.

Mobile-first fully responsive website grounded on the Bootstrap 4 framework. Technical and on-page search engine customisation with content creation as well as photography.




Video / Cinematography / Edit

TRiLOVE is an electro pop band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was formed by two classical musicians from Sweden and a DJ from Chile. They started making music together and the collaboration expanded into a dreamy pop universe inspired by the sound and instruments in the 80's. Cinematic pop melodies, synthesisers and drum machines is the essence of their sound.

In 2017 they released their first video URD1 (You are the One), which I had the pleasure to shot and edited. On the fall of 2018 their debut EP was released.

Listen on Spotify:

Håndbog i lovende praksis lanceret af Socialstyrelsen

Video Intro (Socialstyrelsen)

Motion Graphics

Video / Motion Graphics

A new handbook on promising practices was launched by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in September 2020. The handbook provides guidance based on elements of a promising practice. Examples, presentations and recommendations in the handbook are compiled and described by specialists from Rambøll Management Consulting.

The video was made by RossenFilm Video Production company, where I got the job to do the motion graphics

Read about the project here: //

Video still of Free-hand machine silk embroidery with Veronica Sanchez

Free-hand machine silk embroidery


I shot and edited this video about the design process for a dress showing traditional embroidery techniques and free-motion machine embroidery, inspired by a men's silk waistcoat from ca. 1780. The waistcoat is part of the collection of Designmuseum Danmark and the video is showing with the new permanent exhibition Fashion & Fabric (#fashionfabric). The video is made by Veronica Sanchez, as part of her bachelor's degree project, which is a collaboration with the textile design school in Denmark Håndarbejdets Fremme, UCC and the Danish Design Museum. Music: Babe by Evenings.

See it on Vimeo

Portrait of Diego Vega with Leica camera


Hi I’m Diego - a front-end developer focusing on creating motion and digital experiences, based in Copenhagen.

The thing I enjoy most about my work is the process of bringing ideas to life. One of my key values is the power to generate relevant ideas that will become effective visual solutions that help my clients achieve their goals.


I'm in for the formula:
work equals play

My goal is to be excited about projects, so this enthusiasm can spread to others via my work. Because for me passion is contagious, I get easily inspired and I truly care about seeing your product succeed.










Get in touch and let's do some memorable work together.